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Reducing carbon emissions at Urenco

15 October 2021


Reducing carbon emissions at Urenco

​At Urenco we are working hard to reduce carbon emissions and meet our commitment to reach net zero in advance of 2040 in line with our membership of the Climate Pledge.

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This includes examining the emissions associated with our wider value chain (scope 3 emissions).

We recently undertook a study to identify which areas of our value chain we should focus our carbon reduction efforts on, looking at the 15 categories of scope 3.

Scope 3 accounted for 44% of our total emissions in 2020. Purchased goods and services (category 1) made up 80% of this, with major categories including uranium feed and cylinders; human resources, health and safety and information technology services; and equipment, systems and instrumentation. However, many of these emissions do not sit with our direct suppliers, for example 87% of uranium feed emissions come from the mining and milling stages of the nuclear fuel cycle.

This study was a first screening of our data. Next steps will include refining the model on goods and services purchased and sourcing more accurate emissions data from our individual suppliers. We are also exploring the opportunities for emissions reduction or avoidance with our suppliers.

More information will be communicated in the autumn when we have finalised a roadmap to achieving our net zero ambition.

Read more about Urenco’s environmental impact in our Sustainability Report.

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