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Progressing innovation at IAEA nuclear hydrogen event

29 September 2021


Progressing innovation at IAEA nuclear hydrogen event

​Kees Jan Steenhoek, Director of Government Affairs at Urenco will speak today at the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) event ‘Innovations in the Production and Use of Nuclear Hydrogen for a Clean Energy Transition’, where several international nuclear hydrogen projects will be discussed.

He will be joined by our partner Aurora Energy Research, with whom we worked on a new study to be published later this month.

Hydrogen is used in fuel cells to generate electricity, or power and heat, however, almost all hydrogen today is generated using carbon-based materials, with significant CO2 emissions.

In addition to producing low-carbon electricity, nuclear energy can be used to produce hydrogen for a wide range of applications, furthering its major contribution to tackling climate change as a proven, reliable, CO2free technology.

The IAEA event will highlight the latest progress achieved in nuclear hydrogen research and showcase the potential of nuclear energy for hydrogen production. Sector cooperation, supply chain and policy support that have a crucial role in moving these projects forward will also be discussed.

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