Urenco supports UK nuclear industry Net Zero roadmap

10 August 2020


Urenco supports UK nuclear industry Net Zero roadmap

​Urenco is supportive of the UK Nuclear Industry Association’s (NIA) roadmap for achieving Net Zero by 2050, while contributing to a clean economic recovery from COVID-19.

The report ‘Forty by ’50: A Nuclear Roadmap’ was published this week and produced for the UK Government body, The Nuclear Industry Council. It sets out an ambitious programme based on existing and new technologies and outlines how nuclear could assist with deeper decarbonisation through the provision of heat and the creation of hydrogen.

Chris White, Director of Government Affairs, said:

“This roadmap is a helpful articulation of the next steps for the UK nuclear industry in realising the valuable contribution it can make to decarbonisation and boosting the UK economy."

“With an enrichment site and our Head Office based in the UK, Urenco has a leading role to play within this and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration with Government and the nuclear sector in achieving these goals.”

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