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Urenco UK makes sustainable switch from diesel to plug-in

16 March 2020


Urenco UK makes sustainable switch from diesel to plug-in

Urenco UK (UUK) has made a sustainable switch at the Capenhurst Site by reducing and switching out its diesel van fleet for fully electric vehicles (EVs).

In total, UUK had 25 diesel vehicles supporting its business operations. The fleet has been reduced to 22, sixteen of which are now EVs. The remaining diesel vehicles will be phased out in the near future.

The switch aligns with Urenco’s Global Sustainability Programme.  The Programme commits to the long term sustainability of the organisation, supporting the communities where it operates and minimising the impact of its operations on the environment.

There are significant benefits that come with EVs, with carbon footprint reduction being the most significant. EVs emit around a quarter of the CO2 of the most popular conventional van, at around 40 g/km.

There is potential that this may reduce even further as electricity generation shifts from fossil fuels. Cutting down on leasing and running costs will save the company around £55,000.00 a year, with the EVs costing less than 3p per mile to run.

Lynton Simmonds, UUK Managing Director, said:  “This is a positive step for Urenco, small changes like this can benefit the environment greatly.

“Our business is all about enabling low carbon energy generation. We exist to help the UK’s homes and industries to reduce their environmental footprint by minimising direct or indirect CO2 emissions.  Our operations at Capenhurst are supplied entirely by nuclear and our plant CO2 emissions are extremely low.  Our focus is on achieving Net Zero by 2050 and our EVs are helping us to realise that ambition.

“The next step for us will be reducing the amount of vehicles on site altogether and to introduce employee incentives such as car sharing, supporting the ride a bike to work schemes and utilising public transport routes to work.”

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