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About UTD

Under the leadership of the Chief Technology Officer, the 10 UTD functions have been created to help unlock the potential in its business and provides strategic direction for Urenco’s assets and research and development activities.

The specific functions are outlined below:

Asset Management

Focussed on management our Strategic Asset Management Plan, the Asset Management team establishes, coordinates and oversees delivery of the required system upgrades, asset replacement campaigns and, for those assets no longer viable, the asset decommissioning programmes. 


Design Authority

The team develops, maintains and leverages essential design and technology knowledge across Urenco. It ensures the design intent and safety basis of design throughout the lifecycle of our assets.


Group Projects

Group Projects is dedicated to delivering excellence in project lifecycle management focusing on maximising investment value, project assurance and governance and project services (support and delivery).


Supply Chain Assets

Supply Chain Assets manage Urenco’s mobile assets – cylinders and related equipment – through their lifecycle of design, implementation, regulatory approvals, maintenance, use and ultimately their decommissioning. The goal is to optimise the use and minimise the total cost of maintaining our mobile asset fleet. 


Research and Development

R&D’s goals are to accelerate technical development, control costs and build up knowledge.  It will do this by focussing on innovation, developing its in-house R&D capabilities, leveraging external partners, streamlining the R&D process and leading the operation of R&D facilities.


Business Development

Business Development is at the forefront of driving Urenco’s diversification.  Its mission is to drive long-term sustainability and growth by pursuing and incubating the most promising new business opportunities. 


U Battery

U-Battery is an advanced modular reactor currently in its second phase of design.  This technology could help bring clean energy (process heat and electricity) to global industrial and remote locations. 


Urenco Nuclear Stewardship-EU and Urenco Nuclear Stewardship-UK

Urenco Nuclear Stewardship (UNS) already plays a leading role in the responsible and sustainable stewardship of nuclear materials through waste management, decommissioning and storage services in the UK. Urenco Nuclear Stewardship-EU represents a new commercial opportunity for Urenco which will expand and build internal capability to provide comprehensive decommissioning services across the Group.


Information Security

The Information Security team sets the strategy for Information Security risk across the group working in partnership with the sites.  Information Security plays a part in all aspects of Urenco’s operations from ensuring our IT systems are adequately protected, to identifying and protecting our most valuable business information and protecting our plant operations and supply chain.


Support Services

The Support Services function provides UTD with crucial compliance and administrative support.  The scope of services includes export control, licensing services, and administrative support.