Urenco Group Projects Team

Team structure

Group Projects is a team led by the head of projects, who are responsible for delivering excellence in Project Lifecycle Management focusing on maximising investment value, project assurance and governance and project services (support and delivery).

As a part of Group Projects you will join a pool of experts providing subject matter consulting, advice and direct delivery of strategically significant Urenco projects. The team structure is below.

Urenco Group Projects Team Structure

Project Engineering

The Project Engineering function provides Engineering Management and Design Integration services for group projects across the complete Project Lifecycle and ensures technical solutions are cost effective and meet the required intent.

The Project Engineering team works within a stage gated process for the entire Project Lifecycle and manages design integration with specialists in different areas ensuring they work together to produce an integrated design.


Project Support

The Project Support function provides qualified Project Controls resources to all projects delivered by Group Projects and improves the support to Project Managers allowing increased focus on project delivery. Project Support is the sole and exclusive provider of project control resources to Group Projects and provides capability in cost estimating, projects controls and planning.


Project Delivery

The Project Delivery function is accountable for the delivery of global projects at any stage of the project lifecycle at any of our four operational sites, ensuring Urenco’s commercial position is protected through good practice contracting strategies, procurement, negotiation and contract management.

Project Standards

The Project Standards function provides effective, efficient, scalable and repeatable standards to support Group Projects in delivering excellence in Project Lifecycle Management.  Project Standards provides the processes required to consistently support project delivery and the tools, training and education required to drive and support project delivery. The function oversees the execution of project standards to ensure compliance with customer requirements, and company objectives and commitments


Project Procurement and Contract Management

The Procurement & Contract Management function provides efficient and scalable processes to support Group Projects in optimising URENCO’s commercial position.

Project and Portfolio Management

The Project and Portfolio function provides the framework for both project selection and investment management and for post sanction governance and oversight to assess delivery performance and identify improvements.